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Immerse yourself in a land of culture & tradition

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Immerse yourself in a land of culture & tradition

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During the Hokkaido December trip organised by Singapore Travel Agency, EU Asia holidays I had the pleasure to experience the excellent tour guide services of Lai JarWei.
My family and myself were impressed by the outstanding service attitude demonstrated and the comprehensive knowledge of Jarwei about the destinations we visited on the way.
He was always ready to serve the needs and extra wishes of the travelers as well as providing valuable insight information.
Through his friendly and service orientated manner, Jarwei contributed to the great success of our tour with long lasting and very positive memories of Hokkaido, Japan.
We surely come back one day for other Asia Tour Pakcages

Jonathan James,

Having compared within a number of tour packages from different  travel agency in Singapore, i traveled to Taiwan with Eu Asia Holidays in Nov finally. I’d like to give thumbs up to this trustworthy local travel agency. The itinerary was precisely designed by heart, which gave us a all-around experience of Taiwan Travel. Accommodation, food and transportation were far beyond our expectations. The process of choosing travel agency was a nuisance to me. But after this journey, I would say i’d like to stick with Eu Asia for the rest destination on my travel list: Bhutan, Vietnam, Korea and Japan !!!

LiLi Yeo,

Tour Name : 9D7N Hokkaido winter sensation, Japan tour package
Tour leader : Adrian
Just completed hokkaido trip with Singapore Travel Agency Eu Asia Holidays! My family would like to commend our tour leader Adrian for attending to the needs of everyone on the trip. His care and concern for every member would leave a lasting memory. His rapport,personal touch and ability to strike up a conversation with participants of the tour group regardless of age enabled him to leave a lasting impression. He is like a friend to everyone. Well done!


Anna Ying,